IIAA, Inc.

"Specializing in education, business and academic training"

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Irvine International Academic Academy, Inc. 是一家按客户需求提供销售和营销绩效培训的公司,至今已经帮助了超过41,000名销售和营销专业人员实现与日俱增的,可持续的和可预测的收入增长。公司客户有来自世界500强的180个公司和服务专业人士,也有汽车制造商和国家联合会,IIAA.Inc. 使用独特的销售和营销技术和方法论来给客户提供培训。
Paul Webb
(见左图)拥有超过43年经验,是 IIAA, Inc., 的领头人。Webb曾向领先的私人和公有公司提供培训和咨询,也在无数大型会议,讨论会和联合会上担任主讲人。Paul Webb独一无二的培训方式将互动和引导的学习过程与经时间证明有效的销售和管理技巧相结合。他还不失幽默——他们笑了说明他们在听。他们听了就说明他们学到了。Paul Webb1999年获得神经语言规划(NLP)培训师认证,自那以后,他就成为了神经语言规划领域内国际上认可的专家,并将这门科学作为培训项目的基础。Webb的培训技巧有一种传递信息和集中学习的能力,这让他可以创造出一个环境,在这个环境里帮助他人找到自身动力来实现他们伟大的商业目标销售提高和利润翻倍!

Irvine International Academic Academy, Inc. is an on-demand sales and marketing performance training company that has helped over 41,000 sales and marketing professionals achieve incremental, sustained, and predictable revenue growth. With clients ranging from 180 of the Fortune 500 hundred corporations and service professionals to vehicle manufacturers and national associations, IIAA, Inc. uses unique sales and marketing technology and methodology to teach its clients.
Paul Webb (pictured left) leads IIAA, Inc. with over 43 years of experience. Webb has provided training and consulting to leading private and publicly-owned corporations and has presented as a Keynote Speaker to numerous conventions, seminars, and associations. Paul Webb’s unique training approach combines an interactive and guided discovery learning process with time-tested effective sales and management techniques. Humor is used – when they’re laughing they’re listening. When they listen, they learn.  A licensed NLP Master Trainer since 1999, Paul Webb is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses this science as the foundation for his training programs. Webb’s training technique has an ability to transfer information and focus learning to create an environment that helps others find the motivation in themselves to achieve their greatest business goals…increasing sales and multiplying profits!