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Learning Revolution Workshop - The goal of the "Learning Revolution" workshop is to prepare learning organizations, teachers, trainers, parents, and individual learners to effectively optimize learning environments by integrating high performance learning components into existing or future curriculum development Dr. Vos which includes, Deep learning, Inquiry-based teaching and teaching, Project-based teaching and learning, Dialog-based teaching and learning, Accelerated learning approaches, Value-based teaching and teaching, Sensory stimulation, Multiple intelligences and talents, Varied learning and thinking styles, Life skills, Personal development. Dr. Vos has sold over 10 Million copies of her book "The Learning Revolution" in China and has a large following for her workshops in the United States and abroad.

Entrepreneur Weekend Workshop - ENTR 200 - Pathways to Success: Promotes entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and assists participants in developing a process for transforming ideas into sustainable success. The course includes individualized learning assessments designed to assist the student in exploring their frameworks of thought and entrepreneurial potential. This interactive course enables students to engage in the fundamental aspects of creatively developing frameworks. This is the same eight-week course that Dr. Mendola teaches at Irvine Valley College and is condensed into a two day workshop for the Chinese communities. Students learn how to identify opportunities and come up with solutions using various methods and concepts such as SWOT analysis and lean Six Sigma (DMAIC).

Entrepreneurs Five-Day Workshop - ENTR 211 - Business Models: The Design and Delivery of Value Helps student understand the profitability and the process of identifying business goals, developing strategic objectives, critical success factors, and key performance indicators for entrepreneurial endeavors. Successful entrepreneurs are able to describe how their organization creates, delivers, and captures value. This cross-disciplinary course helps students understand business model generation by examining customer segments, profitability, and the process of identifying business goals, developing strategic objectives, critical success factors, and key performance indicators for entrepreneurial endeavors. Students will learn how to filter business opportunities, project whether business opportunities can be scalable, identify and validate potential markets, and estimate profitability. This 16-week course is condensed into a five-day workshop and includes a student competition at the end of the week.

Online University Courses - We offer introduction courses in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Physics, Social Science, Philosophy and Math. Courses are available in an online format and include instructor office hours for questions.

Executive Business Workshops - Paul Webb is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses this science as the foundation for his training programs. Webb's training technique has an ability to transfer information and focus learning to create an environment that helps others find the motivation in themselves to achieve their greatest business goals...increasing sales and multiplying profits! This workshop is designed to give business executive the skills they need to thrive in today's global business environment.

Mastermind K-12 Workshop - A certificate course based of Dr. Vos New book "The Self-Learning Revolution" This 3 Days class covers, Study Skills, Fitness Brain Training, Talent Brain Building and How to Identify Children's Learning Style. The course includes a self-learning toolkit/study guide and a final exam upon completion.

Online Courses - IIAA offers online courses in education, K-12, entrepreneurship and business, These are self-paced classes and can be purchased online.

Online TESOL Courses - this online course is developed to teach elementary school Chinese students basic English. Our certified TESOL instructors will teach basic English skills and grammar via Skype and WeChat while using our online TESOL teaching platform.

University Group Tours - we offer a California group tour of major universities in both southern and northern California. Our counseling instructors advise the and give recommendations to what each school has to offer and their acceptance guidelines. The group tour includes visits to University California Irvine / UCI, University California Los Angeles / UCLA, Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford University.

Innovation Group Tours - This tour consists of a five-day business executive tour of Silicon Valley. Visiting sites such as Facebook, Google, PayPal, Tesla, twitter and various other locations. During the tour we will have on site lectures by renowned innovators and professors, while visiting other startup companies and incubators.

Entrepreneur Summer Camp - Innovative Summer Academy offers excellent education to students through a creative 2-week American experience. Attending AEA provides a college academic program sponsored by Concordia University Prominent School of Business along with a cultural and American lifestyle experience. Courses are taught by university professors and successful business owners/entrepreneurs, combining lectures with hands-on workshops, group activities and field trips throughout Los Angeles and Irvine.

College Tutor Course - This course is designed for Irvine Valley college students in order to help them succeed in their courses and obtain a high-grade point average. Dr. Mendola will tutor a group of students through IVC online courses such as history, music, business, humanities, and political science.

College Preparation and Counseling - IIAA will offer our services to college students in order to help them register for classes, obtain F1 visas and prepare their course schedules in order to ensure that they meet all of the school requirements to graduate and transfer to the University of their choice. This service can be used for both domestic and China students.

TESOL - Our certified TESOL instructors will teach English and grammar to Chinese students and adults of all ages. The service will be available in our Irvine office location and we will offer basic, advanced, and business English classes to accommodate all levels of learners.

Music Training Book and Workshop - "The Mozart Code" outlines the basic process of learning and developing skills in the mastery of any musical instrument is the same for everyone. Once you have dedicated yourself to acquiring these skills through the knowledge of correct practicing techniques, your talent will have the greatest opportunity to fully express itself. You can have enough talent to cause the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to drop to his knees in awe, but without the mastery of the techniques contained in this book, you will never be able to touch the tip of the iceberg of your musical potential. The book is authored by Ross Shepard and Co-Authored by Dr. Mendola, Mr. Shepard has also developed a workshop for Chinese students.

Digital Book Sales - IIAA offers an array of books including Corporate training, Education, Theology, Music and Entrepreneurship.